Core List of AFAS Journals

AFAS Core Journals and Magazines

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      • Title:  Abafazi: &the Simmons College journal of women of African descent
        Publishing Body:    Simmons College
        Start Year:   1991
        ISSN:   1078-1323
      • Title:   About…Time
        Publishing Body:   About…Time Magazine Inc.Start Year:   1972
        ISSN:   1060-3905
      • Title:   African American Pulpit
        Publishing Body:   Judson Press
        Start Year:   1997
        ISSN:   1094-0111
      • Title:   African American Review
        Publishing Body:   African American Review
        Start Year:   1967
        ISSN:   1062-4783
      • Title:   African Americans on Wheels
        Publishing Body:   On Wheels, Inc.
        Start Year:   1995
        ISSN:   Not Supplied
      • Title: Africology: The Journal of Pan African Studies
        Publishing Body: Amen-Ra Theological Seminary Press and Amen-Ra Community Assembly of California
        Start Year: 1987
        ISSN: 2156-5600 (Africology: The Journal of Pan African Studies, 2010- present)
        ISSN: 1942-6569 (Online: 2006-present)
        ISSN: 0022-2984 (Print: 1987-1988)
      • Title:   Afro-Americans in New York Life and History
        Publishing Body:   Afro-American Historical Association of the Niagara Frontier
        Start Year:   1977
        ISSN:   0364-2437
      • Title:   Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society. Journal
        Publishing Body:   Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society
        Start Year:   1980-1992 (ceased); New Series 1994
        ISSN:   0272-1937
      • Title:  Afro-Hispanic Review
        Publishing Body:   University of Missouri at Columbia, Romance Languages Department
        Start Year:   1982
        ISSN:   0278-8969
      • Title:   American Legacy: celebrating African-American history and culture
        Publishing Body:   American Heritage
        Start Year:   1995 (irregular publication schedule)
        ISSN:   1086-7201
      • Title:   American Visions: the magazine of Afro-American culture
        Publishing Body:   Heritage Information Publishers
        Start Year:   1986-2000 (suspended, Aug.)
        ISSN:   0884-9390
      • Title:   Black Collegian: the career site for students of color
        Publishing Body:   Black Collegian
        Start Year:   1970
        ISSN:   0192-3757
      • Title:   Black Enterprise
        Publishing Body:   Earl G. Graves Publishing Co., Inc.
        Start Year:   1970
        ISSN:   0006-4165
      • Title:   Black History Bulletin (formerly Negro History Bulletin,0028-2529
        Publishing Body:   Association for the Study of African-American Life and History, Inc.Start Year:   1937-1987 (ceased); New Series 1994
        ISSN:   0028-2529
      • Title:   Black Issues Book Review
        Publishing Body:   Cox, Matthews & Associates, Inc.
        Start Year:   1999
        ISSN:   1522-0524
      • Title:  Black Issues in Higher Education
        Publishing Body:   Cox, Matthews & Associates, Inc.
        Start Year:   1984
        ISSN:   0742-0277
      • Title:   Black Masks:   spotlight on Black art
        Publishing Body:   Black Masks
        Start Year:   1984
        ISSN:   0887-7580
      • Title:   Black Music Research Journal
        Publishing Body:   Center for Black Music Research
        Start Year:   1980
        ISSN:   0276-3605
      • Title:   Black Renaissance
        Publishing Body:   New York University, African Studies Program
        Start Year:   1996
        ISSN:   1089-3148
      • Title:  Black Scholar: journal of Black studies and research
        Publishing Body:  Black World Foundation
        Start Year:  1969
        ISSN:  0006-4246
      • Title:   Blackgirl MagazinePublishing Body:   Blackgirl Magazine
        Start Year:   2002
        ISSN:   Not Supplied
      • Title:   Callaloo: journal of African-American and African arts and letters
        Publishing Body:   Johns Hopkins University Press, Journals Publishing Division
        Start Year:   1976
        ISSN:   0161-2492
      • Title:   Challenge (Atlanta): a journal of research on African American men
        Publishing Body:   Morehouse Research Institute
        Start Year:   1990
        ISSN:   1077-193X
      • Title:   C L A Journal
        Publishing Body:   College Language Association
        Start Year:   1957
        ISSN:   0007-8549
      • Title:   The Crisis
        Publishing Body:   Crisis Publishing Co.
        Start Year:   1910
        ISSN:   0011-1422
      • Title:   Drumvoices Revue: a confluence of literary, cultural and vision arts
        Publishing Body:   Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, English Department
        Start Year:   1992
        ISSN:   1080-0522
        Price:   USD 10
      • Title:  Ebony Publishing Body:   Johnson Publishing Co., Inc.
        Start Year:   1945
        ISSN:   0012-9011
      • Title:   Emerge: Black America’s newsmagazine
        Publishing Body:   Emerge Communications, Inc.
        Start Year:   1989-2000 (ceased)
        ISSN:   0899-1154
      • Title:   Essence (New York): the magazine for today’s black woman
        Publishing Body:   Essence Communications Inc.
        Start Year:   1970
        ISSN:   0014-0880
      • Title:   Ethnic and Racial StudiesPublishing Body:   Routledge (UK)
        Start Year:   1978
        ISSN:   0141-9870
      • Title:   Griot
        Publishing Body:   Southern Conference on African-American Studies, Inc.
        Start Year:   1981
        ISSN:   0737-0873
      • Title:   Harvard Journal of African American Public Policy
        Publishing Body:   Harvard University
        Start Year:   1989
        ISSN:   1081-0463URL:
      • Title:   HealthQuest: total wellness for body, mind and spirit
        Publishing Body:   Levas, Inc.
        Start Year:   1993
        ISSN:   1077-5668
      • Title:   Heart & Soul
        Publishing Body:   Vanguarde Media, Inc
        Start Year:   1993-2003 (ceased)ISSN:   1092-1974
      • Title:   Howard Journal of Communications
        Publishing Body:   Taylor & Francis Inc
        Start Year:   1988ISSN:   1064-6175
      • Title:   International Review of African American Art:   an international publication
        Publishing Body:   International Review of African American Art
        Start Year:   1976
        ISSN:   1045-0920
      • Title:  Jet
        Publishing Body:   Johnson Publishing Co., Inc.Start Year:   1951ISSN:   0021-5996
      • Title:   Journal of African American History
        Formerly (until Jun. 2001):   Journal of Negro History
        Publishing Body:   Association for the Study of African-American Life and History, Inc.
        Start Year:   1916-1982 (ceased); resumed 1983
        ISSN:   0022-2992
      • Title:   Journal of African American Men: a publication of the National Council of African American MenPublishing Body:   Transaction PublishersStart Year:   1993
        ISSN:   1081-1753
      • Title:   Journal of Black Psychology
        Publishing Body:   Sage Publications, Inc.
        Start Year:   1974
        ISSN:   0095-7984


    • Title:   Journal of Black Studies
      Publishing Body:   Sage Publications, Inc.Start Year:   1970
      ISSN:   0021-9347
    • Title:   Journal of Blacks in Higher Education
      Publishing Body:   The CH II Foundation, Inc.
      Start Year:   1993
      ISSN:   1077-3711
    • Title:   Journal of Health Care for the Poor and UnderservedPublishing Body:   Sage Publications, Inc.
      Start Year:   1990
      ISSN:   1049-2089
    • Title:   Journal of Multicultural Counseling and DevelopmentPublishing Body:   American Counseling Association
      Start Year:   1972
      ISSN:   0883-8534
    • Title:   Journal of Negro Education: a Howard University quarterly review of issues incident to the education of black people
      Publishing Body:   Howard University Press, Marketing Department
      Start Year:   1932
      ISSN:   0022-2984
    • Title:   Journal of Religious Thought
      Publishing Body:   Howard University, School of Divinity
      Start Year:   1943
      ISSN:   0022-4235
    • Title:   Literary Griot: International Journal of Black Expressive Culture
      Publishing Body:   Literary Griot
      Start Year:   1989
      ISSN:   1053-9344
    • Title:   Living Blues:   the magazine of the African American blues tradition
      Publishing Body:   University of Mississippi, Center for the Study of Southern Culture
      Start Year:   1970
      ISSN:   0024-5232
    • Title:  Messenger Magazine (formerly African American Magazine, ISBN 1521-8473)
      Publishing Body:   Topaz Marketing & DistributingStart Year:   1998
      ISSN:   1536-3600
    • Title:   Mosaic Literary Magazine
      Publishing Body:   Mosaic Literary Magazine
      Start Year:   1998
      ISSN:   1531-0388
    • Title: National Black Law Journal (formerly (until 1987): Black Law Journal (United States) (0045-2181)
      Publishing Body:   Columbia University, Columbia Law School
      Start Year:   1971
      ISSN:   0896-0194
    • Title:   Negro Educational Review: a forum for discussion of Afro-American issuesPublishing Body:   Negro Educational Review, Inc.
      Country:   United StatesStart Year:   1950
      ISSN:   0548-1457
    • Title:   The Network Journal: Black professional and small business magazine
      Publishing Body:   Network Journal
      Start Year:   1993
      ISSN:   1094-1908
    • Title:  Obsidian III:   Literature in the African Diaspora; Former titles (until 1999):   Obsidian 2:   Black Literature in Review (United States) (0888-4412); (until 1982):   Obsidian:   Black Literature in Review (United States) (0360-6724)
      Publishing Body:   North Carolina State University, English Department
      Start Year:   1975
      ISSN:   1542-1619
    • Title:  Q B R:   The Black Book Review: our lives, our words, our stories
      Publishing Body: Quarterly Black Review of Books
      Start Year:   1993
      ISSN:   1087-7088
    • Title:   The Review of Black Political Economy
      Publishing Body: Transaction Publishers
      Start Year:   1970
      ISSN:   0034-6446
    • Title:   Right On!
      Publishing Body:   Dorchester Media
      Start Year:   1971
      ISSN:   0048-8305
    • Title:   Sister 2 Sister: giving it to ya’ straight, no chaser!
      Publishing Body:   Sister 2 Sister, Inc.
      Start Year:   1988
      ISSN:   1071-5053
    • Title:   Slavery and Abolition:  journal of slave and post-slave studies
      Publishing Body:   Frank Cass Publishers
      Start Year:   1980
      ISSN:   0144-039X
    • Title:   Souls:   a critical journal of Black politics, culture, and society
      Publishing Body:   Taylor & Francis Inc
      Start Year:   1999
      ISSN:   1099-9949
    • Title:   The Source (New York, 1988):   the magazine of hip-hop music, culture & politics
      Publishing Body:   Source Publications
      Start Year:   1988
      ISSN:   1063-2085
    • Title:   Transition:   an international review; Former titles (until 1977):   Ch’indaba (United States) (0564-108X); (until no.50, 1975):   Transition
      Publishing Body:   Soft Skull Press
      Start Year:   1961-1968 (ceased); New Series 1971-1977 (ceased); New Series 1991 (vol.1, no.51)
      ISSN:   0041-1191
      URL: (archive only)
    • Title:   Trotter Review
      Publishing Body:   William Monroe Trotter Institute
      Start Year:   1987
      ISSN:   1070-695X
    • Title:  Upscale: the magazine for the success-oriented
      Publishing Body:   Upscale Communications, Inc.
      Start Year:   1989
      ISSN:   1047-2592
    • Title:   Vibe
      Publishing Body:   Vibe – Spin Ventures
      Start Year:   1993
      ISSN:   1070-4701
    • Title:   Vital Issues: he journal of African American speeches; Journal of African American Speeches
      Publishing Body:   Bethune – Dubois Publications
      Start Year:   1950-1984 (ceased); New Series 1991
      ISSN:   1056-6368
    • Title:   The Western Journal of Black Studies
      Publishing Body:   Washington State University Press
      Start Year:   1977ISSN:   0197-4327