ACRL African American Studies Librarians Interest Group

A Legacy of Service and Scholarship

  • 2014: Research Forum African American Studies Research & Scholarly Activities
  • 2011: Reception & Exhibit: Honoring Our Ancestors: Librarians & Scholars
  • 2010: Digitization: Preserving and Open Access to African American Collections
    African American history is still being uncovered.  New Digital collections open up limitless possibilities for researchers to draw conclusions about the past, creating opportunities for new cutting edge information. This new technology enhances opportunities for libraries to develop digital projects. This program will enable participants to see benefits of beginning or refining current digitization projects and to identify tools that will enable them to assess or enhance their programs within their home institutions.
    Speakers:  Robert Cox, University of MassachusettsAmherst, Head, Special Collections & University Archives; Ida E. Jones, Howard University, Assistant Curator, Manuscript Division, Moorland Spingarn Research Center; Ira Revels, Cornell University, Project Manager, HBCU-CUL Digital Collections
  • 2009: Black Studies and Information Technology
  • 2008: African Americans in Hollywood: Images, Performers, Films, Filmmakers, from 1903 to the Present
  • 2007: Federal Documents in African American Genealogical & Historical Research [PDF]
  • 2006: HBCU’s and Libraries: Preserving and Strengthening Bonds [PDF]
  • 2005: Chicago Blues: From the Delta to the World
  • 2004: Her Eyes Were Watching Humanity: Zora Neale Hurston as Ethnographer, Novelist, & Feminist
  • 2003: African American Librarianship in the Digital Age: Approaches and Best Practices (Canceled)
  • 2002: When Old Is New: The Art of Creating New African American Special Collections
  • 2001: 20th Anniversary Program Presentation by Dr. Stanton Biddle [PDF]
  • 2000: Future Challenges for Ethnic and Cultural Academic Collections [PDF]
  • 1995 (ACRL): Digitizing African American Resources for Electronic Access
  • 1994 (BCALA): Using Internet Resource Location Tools to Find African American Studies Resources on the Net
  • 1992 (ACRL): The African American Studies Collection: Its Development, Maintenance, and Future
  • 1991: Strengthening Family Literacy in the Black Community
  • 1990: Black Heritage in Video and Audio and To Plead Our Own Cause: Black Publishing in American History and Library Programs
  • 1989: Out of Sight, Out of Mind, Out of Print
  • 1989 (ACRL): Black Collections: How and Why
  • 1988: Black People with White Minds — Ethnic Notions
  • 1985: Popular and Scholarly Trends in Black Publishing Since the 1960s
  • 1982: The Future of Black Studies Collections and Librarianship
  • 1981: The Importance of Black Studies Collections