AFAS Librarians Invited to ASALH 2014 Conference

The Association for the Study of African American Life and History

99th Annual Convention

The Peabody Hotel
Memphis, TN
September 24-28, 2014
2014 National Black History Theme:

Civil Rights in America

Deadline for submission of proposals: Saturday, May 31, 2014
Deadline for Early Bird Submission of proposals: Monday, April 7, 2014
The Association for the Study of African American Life and History has selected this theme to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and we invite all Americans and the global community to join us in exploring the history of equal rights for all.
All participants must be members by May 1st and registered by August 1st. There are no refunds for membership dues and none for registration fees after August 20th, 2014.  Early Bird Panels—those received by April 7th—and accepted for the program will receive preference in selecting the day and time of their sessions. May 31st is the deadline for all proposals.
Proposals must be submitted electronically on the All-Academic website at . 
This link can be found at  
While individual papers will be accepted, please note that all papers and presentations will be grouped together and formed into multi-presentation sessions (with rare, pre-approved exceptions). Moreover, a decided preference will be given to complete panels.  Please refer to the FAQ page for what constitutes a complete panel. 
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